50 Random Facts About Italy

Italy is a stunning country located in the Mediterranean Sea and forms an important part of Europe. It is home to 59 million people. There are some random facts about Italy that you will be amazed to know.

Some of the random facts about Italy are as follows.

Random Facts About Italy


1. San Marino in Italy is the world’s oldest republic. It is a republic since A.D. 301.

2. Around 26 million left Italy from 1861 to 1985 in search of a better life.

3. Italy has 50 UNESCO Heritage Sites.

4. Rome, the capital city of Italy is 3,000 years old.

5. Galileo Galilei, Alessandro Volta and many other famous personalities were born in Italy.

6. The University of Bologna is the oldest operating university in Europe. It was found in the year 1908.


7. Italy is spread across 116,400 square miles.

8. Approximately four-fifths of the total area of Italy is hilly or mountainous.

9. Italy has two states: the Republic of San Marino and the Vatican City.

10. The greenery from Italy’s land has disappeared due to cultivation and wildlife is getting extinct due to overhunting.

11. There are more earthquakes in Italy than any other country in Europe.

12. Italy has the highest number of volcanoes in Europe.

13. Mount Bicano, also known as the White Mountains are part of the Alps and 15,771 feet high.

14. The shape of Italy on a map is like a high heeled boot. Therefore, spotting Italy on a map is not a difficult task.

15. Italy has over 70 islands.

Country Facts

16. Italy is the fifth most populated country in Europe after United Kingdom.

17. The largest producer of wine in the world is Italy.

18. A 2.5 meters tall statue of Jesus Christ is submerged in Italy.

19. All the gondolas in Venice must be painted black as per a law.

20. The Vatican in Italy is the world’s smallest city.

21. The Italian alphabets do not have the letters J, K, W, X or Y. Hence, there are only 21 letters in Italian alphabets.

22. Around 3,000 Euros are thrown every day in the Trevi Fountain in Italy.

23. The longest tunnel in the world is in Italy. The tunnel is 57 km long and built underneath the Alps connecting Italy to Switzerland.

24. Venice has 417 bridges and 72 of them are private.

cities in italy - venice


25. Approximately one-third of the Italian single men aging between 30 and 35 years live with their parents.

26. 51% of the Italian people cannot afford a vacation.

27. One-third of the Italian people have never used the internet.

28. People of Italy consider 17 as an unlucky number and not 13. Many hotels and building in Italy do not have a 17th floor.

29. Italian women work 21 hours more on housework per week then the men.

30. Italian people love food. Their favorite food items include Italian cheese, bread and pasta.

31. Italian people celebrate weddings and christenings in a grand manner.


32. Italy is the seventh largest economy in the world.

33. Italy’s nominal GDP is worth $2.014 trillion.

34. The per capita income of Italian people is high and they have a high standard of living.

35. Before World War II Italy’s economy was based on agriculture. However, after the war, Italy is transformed into an industrial based economy.

36. Over 50 million people travel to Italy each year. It contributes around 63% of the people’s yearly income.

37. The major items of export from Italy include wine, pharmaceuticals, machinery, vehicles, metals and food products.

38. Italy’s mafia contributes seven percent of Italy’s GDP.

Other Random Facts About Italy

39. Italy was first to introduce ice cream to the world.

40. Vatican City in Italy is the only city in the world that can lock its gates at night.

41. In case of divorce proceedings in Italy, WhatsApp is mentioned in nearly 50% of the cases.

42. Poveglia, an island in Italy is considered as haunted and public is not allowed to visit there.

43. Placing a hat on the bed is considered bad luck.

44. There is a belief in Italy that if someone brushes the feet of a single person with a broom, he/she will remain unmarried.

45. Fialciano del Masscio is a town in Italy that considers dying in the town as illegal because the cemetery is full.

46. Wearing of the skirt by a man in public can lead to arrest in Italy.

47. There is a pink bunny that is 180 foot long on the top of a hill in Italy.

48. Thanks to Pasta, fork came first in Italy.

49. An Italian court in 2016, ruled that stealing food in small amount is not a crime if it is done to stave off hunger.

50. The Venice Film Festival is the oldest in the world.

The above random facts about Italy would have surely made you curious to know more about the country. If you have any interesting fact to share, you can do so by posting in the comment section below.

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