The Best Restaurants In Milan – A Guide For The 1st Time Visitor

A city of giant closed doors and spectacular interior courtyards, Milan is a maze and one has to live it both literally and figuratively to solve it. Round the year Milan has been a place to wrap up an extended Italy trip for many travellers. A country with its finest cuisines boasted globally, the restaurants in Milan offers some exceptional culinary experiences of their own.

Whether you’re on a long vacation or just to spend your weekend, the below mentioned restaurants in Milan have something unique on plates for you. Here you’ll find all from Italian cuisine to sumptuous surroundings.

restaurants in milan


Address – Via Gaetano de Castillia, 28, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Housed in a 19th-century industrial building Ratanà is the only reminiscent of historical construction surrounded by a futuristic razed to the ground buildings. Contrasting its name that is a tribute to the old times and a nickname of a half-healer who cured the poor people is the restaurant’s modernistic menu.

Curated by a Milanese chef Cesare Battisti is Lombardy’s traditional recipes with modern tweak. The top highlights of the restaurant include arguably the best saffron risotto in the city and the often neglected freshwater fish that’s has turned out to be a mini-revolution in the city.

Dry Milano

Address – Viale Vittorio Veneto, 28, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

If I say finding a good pizza is a tough task in Italy, then you would take it mockingly. Pizza is all about the number-one rule, the dough and not the toppings. This is what makes the Dry Milano’s delicate, flavourful stand out when it comes to pizza dough.

Go for a “less is more” approach and try the marinara, with just tomato sauce. Apart from pizza, the other half of its fame of this sleek, industrial-chic venue comes from the exquisite cocktails from the prohibition-era. Call ahead for you don’t wish to go people-watching as you wait in a line of beautiful Milanese.


Address – Via Pasquale Sottocorno, 6, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

At just 15 minutes from the historical centre, this understated yet stylish restaurant is where fashion meets local business. Its popularity can be estimated from the fact that every time you ask a local about where to eat, you will be directed to Giacomo.

Don’t be surprised if you are joined by celebrities like Giorgio Armani or Orlando Bloom enjoying Milan’s elegant cuisine. The restaurants celadon-coloured walls, bookshelves and a striking mosaic floor provide exquisite surroundings and create an ambiance worth to be marvelled.

On the menu is Italian inspired simplistic seafood that includes the linguine tossed with scampi and zucchini flowers.


Address – Via Panfilo Castaldi, 18, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Joia opened its doors some 25 years back when even the idea of a gourmet vegetarian restaurants in Milan sounded like pure folly. In today’s fast blooming eateries Joia is still going strong proves a Michelin star holder.

Taking a path towards a vegan cuisine Chef Pietro Leemann’s recipes are inspired by the philosophy of “cooking as medicine” and tweaks it with some Buddhist wisdom. On the menu one can expect some usual delicacies but with a quirky twist making it exquisite.

Mangiari di Strada

Address – 20147 Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

An onerous trek to the dreary outskirts of the city of Milan leads you to Mangiari di Strada. But believe or not your efforts to reach here will be well paid off at this paradise of street-food. On the menu is Chef Giuseppe Zen’s delicious gamut of street-food specialties that run all through the streets of Italy.

The top highlights include panino con lampredotto (a cow’s fourth stomach), Tuscany originated fried Neapolitan pizza, and a bean-and-sauerkraut soup from Trieste. Arrive early at this lunch only eatery as seats fill faster, particularly during the cooler months.

Ending with this food trail with many more still left to be uncovered I hope that these few restaurants in Milan shared were intriguing enough to set your feet on the land on Milan.

Buon appetito(Italian).

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